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  1. The installation is located in Matalebreras and will generate more than 250 jobs during its construction, as well as 7 permanent jobs for operation and maintenance in its 30 years of operation. Enel Green Power has started building its first solar project in the province of Soria, a photovoltaic plant located in the town of … Continue reading Enel Green Power has started building its first solar power plant in Soria
  2. The Infrastructure Services Commission (CI) of the Senate approved today (17) the draft regulatory framework for the exploration of offshore wind energy in Brazil. This energy can be wind, solar or even generated by the force of the tides. The regulatory framework provides legal security for the country to take advantage of the offshore energy … Continue reading Brazil approves regulatory framework for offshore wind energy exploration
  3. ACWA Power has signed an agreement with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy for the development of a 1.5GW onshore wind project in the Karakalpakstan region. The project will involve a $2.4bn investment and is expected to achieve financial close by the end of next year. Claimed to be Uzbekistan’s largest single-site onshore wind facility, the project … Continue reading ACWA Power to develop 1.5 GW wind power in Uzbekistan
  4. This is the Azabache photovoltaic project (60.9 MW) which, thanks to being located on the same site, operates jointly with the Valle de los Vientos wind farm (90 MW), generating renewable energy by capturing solar radiation. solar and wind energy. Enel Chile, through its renewable energies subsidiary, Enel Green Power Chile, received authorization from the … Continue reading Enel Green Power Chile begins commercial operation of the country’s first industrial-scale hybrid wind energy and solar power plant
  5. As the country faces one of the hottest summers on record, it’s more clear than ever that scorching temperatures and extreme weather events such as climate-induced droughts and wildfires are only becoming more common. Electric grids across the country were built to handle the weather of last century – not the extreme weather of this … Continue reading Building a Reliable and Secure Energy Future
  6. Graphene solar panels can be more efficient and can be manufactured in a two-dimensional (2D) format. Developed by scientists from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, in collaboration with researchers from the Hellenic University of the Mediterranean, Greece, this new technology was installed on the island of Crete and interconnected, forming the first solar … Continue reading Inauguration of the world’s first photovoltaic solar power plant with graphene panels
  7. Gas prices return to the uptrend and drive European electricity markets prices upwards. In the second week of August, gas prices resumed the upward trend that stalled at the beginning of the month, reaching on the 15th their highest level since the all?time highs of March. Consequently, prices in most European spot and futures markets … Continue reading Concentrated Solar Power, photovoltaic and wind energy in Europe??
  8. Offshore wind energy projects will be key to the growth of the electric utility, which has around 1,300 MW in operation and a further 5,500 MW under construction or secured. Iberdrola’s offshore wind farms will respect nature to the fullest extent possible and contribute to improving the diversity of life in the oceans. This is … Continue reading Iberdrola aims to design offshore wind farms that protect the environment
  9. The invasion of Ukraine has shown that reliance on Russian natural gas is an unstable strategy for Europe. Hydrogen power is one tool that could help. In late February, Russia announced that it would send troops into two regions of eastern Ukraine — a precursor to its full-scale invasion days later. Hours after Russia’s announcement, … Continue reading Hydrogen could help solve Europe’s gas addiction
  10. RWE chooses UL Solutions for certification of the design fundamentals; Certification will be carried out in accordance with global standards and in consultation with the Polish Register of Shipping, an independent and recognized local expert institution.As the second-largest player in the global offshore wind power industry and one of the five largest domestic onshore operators, … Continue reading RWE selects certification partner for its F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm
  11. The energy group is committed to promoting among its wind turbine suppliers, for the wind projects that it promotes in Andalusia or other communities until the end of 2024, the purchase of wind towers produced by this company from Seville. This agreement with GRI Towers Sevilla is part of Capital Energy’s commitment to Andalusia, a … Continue reading Capital Energy and GRI Towers Sevilla sign a wind energy agreement
  12. Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Clean Power Association, issued the following statement today after President Biden signed the historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law:   “With the stroke of the pen, a clean energy future is now the law of the land. This does for climate change and clean energy what the creation of … Continue reading ACP CEO Heather Zichal Statement on President Biden Signing the Inflation Reduction Act into Law
  13. Batteries and renewable energy alone can’t decarbonize industries, and recent proposals for a “hydrogen economy” could bridge those gaps. The Democrats’ new climate bill, which the US Senate passed on Sunday, has been described as “transformative” and “game-changing.” But perhaps the most apt word is “shocking”—in a good way, for once. According to analysis after … Continue reading How Clean Is Green’ Hydrogen?
  14. Hydrogen has the potential to help decarbonize many of the sectors and applications that depend on emissions-intensive fossil fuels, including fossil gas. Clean hydrogen[i] projects are therefore increasingly talked about and also piloted in several countries to support their decarbonization goals. Hydrogen is expected to be an important piece of the clean technology toolkit as … Continue reading Hydrogen: A targeted decarbonization tool but not a panacea
  15. U.S. electricity generation from renewable sources, such as hydropower, wind, and solar, accounted for 20% of electricity generation both in 2020 and in 2021. We expect that share to increase to 22% in 2022 and to 24% in 2023 as more generating capacity from wind and solar come online and other generation sources, such as … Continue reading EIA expects solar and wind power to account for 22% of U.S. electricity generation in 2022