Noticias Externas

  1. Energy leaders met today to discuss corrective action to achieve climate targets, as DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, launched its UK Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), revealing that the country is not on track to meet mid-century decarbonization targets and that the industry and government must mobilize a clear roadmap to attain ‘net … Continue reading Industry and government must mobilize a clear roadmap to achieve UK climate targets by 2050
  2. The US will hold the nation’s first lease auction for commercial-scale floating wind power today. The five deepwater lease tranches in two areas about 25 miles off the California coast have the potential to generate 4.5 GW of electricity, enough to power 1.5 million homes. Global interest in lease sales is strong with 43 companies … Continue reading First US Floating Offshore Wind Auction
  3. Our strategic plan for 2023-2025 focuses on sustainable electrification and a strategic repositioning of the Group in six “core” countries. In three years’ time, 75% of the energy generated by Enel will be renewable. Accelerating the transition to renewable sources, in order to protect the climate and reduce the dependence of individual countries on imported … Continue reading Accelerating sustainable electrification and renewables to ensure growth and energy independence
  4. Iberdrola, the private utility that invests the most in R&D worldwide, has invested more than €2 billion in the last ten years.  Iberdrola takes another step forward in its commitment to innovation. The company aims to exceed €4 billion of investment in Innovation, Development and Research (R&D&I) activities by 2030. Thus, it will double its … Continue reading Iberdrola doubles its investment in R+D+i, to reach 4,000 million euros in 2030
  5. “It is abundantly clear we need to understand the geopolitical implications of the energy transition, so that we can proactively shape its outcomes,” remarked IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera at the opening of the sixth meeting of the Collaborative Framework on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation. The virtual meeting was attended by nearly 40 participants … Continue reading IRENA Members Address the Geopolitical Challenges of Energy Transformation
  6. Rivian and Apex Clean Energy today announced the signing of a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 50 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the renewable energy company’s proposed Goose Creek Wind farm in Piatt County, Illinois. As Rivian’s first large-scale procurement, the agreement supports the company’s long-term vision of enabling high-impact renewable energy projects that reduce … Continue reading Rivian Inks Wind Energy PPA with Apex Clean Energy to Power Illinois Manufacturing
  7. Despite economic challenges caused by the pandemic, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) renewable energy capacity keeps growing towards the SIDS Lighthouses target of 10 GW of total installed renewables capacity by 2030. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)’s data, the SIDS currently account for almost 7 GW of installed renewables capacity. The growth reflects … Continue reading Bankable Power Purchase Agreements are an Important Element of Renewables Investments in Caribbean SIDS
  8. Vi?t Nam boasts substantial potential for wind power, particularly offshore wind power, providing an opportunity for the country to fulfil its energy transition target towards green growth. That was the message heard at a conference held by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) which was wrapped up in Hà N?i on Friday. Vi?t Nam Wind … Continue reading Vietnam boasts substantial potential for wind power, particularly offshore wind
  9. RWE and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy (Hyphen) have signed a memorandum of understanding that could see RWE offtake up to 300,000 tons of green ammonia* per year from Namibia.  Hyphen was appointed preferred bidder by the Namibian government to develop the first green hydrogen project in Namibia for export. By 2027 the project aims to annually … Continue reading RWE and Hyphen explore offtake of green ammonia from Namibia
  10. Recent studies highlight the benefits of integrating agriculture and photovoltaic systems. Their conclusion? There is no risk of excessive land consumption. Agrivoltaics is an innovative approach that allows solar energy eneration and farming practices to coexist and interact in a mutually beneficial way that also creates greater value for the area and local communities. In practical terms, it’s … Continue reading There’s room for agrivoltaics
  11. Statkraft and Fastweb, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Italy, have signed an exclusive Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the supply of electricity produced by renewable sources. The 12-year agreement covers the output of a photovoltaic plant to be constructed in the region of Lazio, Province of Latina, which will cover 13 per cent … Continue reading Statkraft and Fastweb sign 12-year solar PPA in Italy
  12. Vietnam has some of the best wind resources globally. The Power Development Plan 8 (PDP 8), currently in draft form, has targets of 7 GW of offshore wind and 21 GW of onshore wind by 2030. The wind industry is ready and able to deliver on these targets and help Vietnam increase its energy security, … Continue reading Vietnam Wind Power 2022
  13. The increase in electricity generated from renewable energy has a major impact on the electrical grid. Wind turbine generators feed the electricity into the grid via power-electronic converters. Therefore, the validation of the system characteristics and the grid-supporting performance of wind turbines are becoming increasingly important for grid stability. The so-called fault-ride-through capacity of a … Continue reading IWES and Nordex intensify collaboration in grid integration of wind turbine generators
  14. MIBEL eludes the price rises registered in the European markets in November. In November, prices of most European markets were higher than those of October, except for MIBEL, which registered the lowest price since August 2021, including the adjustment price due to the gas cap. In most markets, the increase in wind energy production failed … Continue reading Solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power and wind energy production in November
  15. RWE expands its Irish offshore wind energy business with East Celtic acquisitionNewly acquired Western Power Offshore Developments Ltd adds to RWE renewable development portfolio in Ireland. Acquisition of indicative 900MW development project strengthens RWE’s offshore wind growth in Ireland. East Celtic project consultation expected during 2023. RWE, one of the world’s leading offshore wind companies, … Continue reading RWE expands its Irish offshore wind energy business with East Celtic acquisition