Noticias Externas

  1. A first offshore wind power plant (within the sea) of Brazil will be built in Águas do Atlântico, in Caucaia, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. Information was transmitted by Governor Camilo Santana during the time that he had been offered by Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Ceará (Fiec). The governor revealed that he … Continue reading Italo-Belgian group will build in Caucaia first offshore wind energy plant in Brazil
  2. This weekend represents the one-year anniversary of a record-breaking auction for three lease areas offshore wind power the coast of Massachusetts. Rights to develop the three lease areas sold for a combined $405 million, with winning bids coming from Mayflower Wind Energy, Equinor, and Vineyard Wind. “Last year’s auction results erased any doubts that harnessing … Continue reading AWEA Urges Department of Interior to Advance Offshore Wind Energy Projects
  3. Wind power will be Germany’s most important power source in 2019, overtaking lignite for the first time, said the German Wind Energy Association (BWE). With 118 terawatt hours (TWh), wind also reached a new record in total electricity production. The sector earned this record because it has “repeatedly demonstrated its innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit … Continue reading Wind energy overtakes lignite as Germany’s primary power source for the first time in 2019
  4. Electric car batteries have a significantly lower impact on the climate than what was previously assumed, a new study shows. The greatest part of an electric car’s CO2 footprint comes from the manufacturing of its batteries, the climate impact of which has long been subject to discussion. In 2017, a report from the IVL Swedish … Continue reading Electric car battery carbon footprint much lower than assumed
  5. The prospects for wind energy are promising in Thailand, which has the technical potential for onshore wind capacity of 13-17 GW. New regulation must be put in place to pave the way for the energy transition in Thailand and address issues that will challenge project development such as clear and ambitious targets, supportive and transparent … Continue reading Wind power industry calls for additional 7 GW of wind energy to be installed in Thailand by 2037
  6. The Global Wind Energy Council and OLADE, the Latin American Energy Organisation, have signed a MoU to cooperate on accelerating the development of renewable energy in Latin America by addressing key challenges to the region’s energy transition. GWEC Market Intelligence sees Latin America as one of the regions globally with the highest potential for wind … Continue reading GWEC and OLADE team-up to drive the wind energy transition in Latin America
  7. Nordex started producing wind turbines of the Delta4000 series at its factory in La Vall d’Uixó, Spain. After the German production facility in Rostock this is the second plant in Europe manufacturing wind turbines from the Nordex platform. On 12 December the first nacelle for an N149/4.0-4.5 wind turbine left the production facility for the … Continue reading Nordex now manufacturing Delta4000 wind turbines in La Vall d’Uixó plant in Spain
  8. Slovenia’s power utility Dravske Elektrarne Maribor (DEM) plans to invest EUR 65 million in three wind farms – Ojstrica, Paški Kozjak, and Rogatec. The installed capacity of the wind farms would be 46 MW with an expected output of 122 GWh per annum. Currently, Slovenia has only two wind turbines, with the production of 6 … Continue reading Slovenia plans EUR 65 million investment in wind energy
  9. Vestas has received an order for 224 MW of V120-2.2 MW wind turbines for a wind power project in the U.S. The order includes supply and commissioning of the wind turbines as well as a 10-year service agreement, designed to ensure optimised performance for the lifetime of the project. Turbine delivery will begin in the … Continue reading U.S. wind energy, Vestas’ wind turbines for 224 MW wind farm
  10. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today announced the hire of Stacey Kerans as Senior Director of Communications.  She will lead all strategic integrated communications efforts and oversee the day to day communications operations for AWEA. Kerans bring more than 20 years of experience in consumer brand marketing and corporate communications.  Most recently, she led … Continue reading American Wind Energy Association hires Stacey Kerans as Senior Director of Communications
  11. Landmark order for the 231 MW Skaftåsen project in Sweden brings to market the most powerful geared onshore wind turbine. Siemens Gamesa is launching a new era for wind power with a deal to supply the most powerful geared onshore wind turbine ever, the SG 5.8-155 wind turbine. The first of the 35 units, all … Continue reading Welcome to the future of wind energy: Siemens Gamesa to deploy powerful next generation platform in Sweden by 2021
  12. Protermosolar joins the Ibero-American commitment to promote clean renewable energy at COP25. Luis Crespo, president of Protermosolar: «The union of these 12 associations will allow sharing experiences and good practices on energy technologies and policies to accelerate renewable deployment in Latin America». Protermosolar, the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry, has … Continue reading Concentrated Solar Power gains prominence at COP25
  13. Mortenson has been selected by partner Rocky Mountain Power to construct the TB Flats I & II Wind Energy Project and the Ekola Flats Wind Energy Project in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. The two projects are 20 miles apart and will have a combined wind energy capacity of 750 MW. “TB Flats I & II and … Continue reading Mortenson will build 750 MW of wind energy in Wyoming
  14. As a carbon-free energy source, wind power is a leading climate change solution. And that’s important to countless species threatened by a warming planet. For example, the National Audubon Society finds two-thirds of North American birds are at risk of extinction due to climate change. Wind also helps cut smog-creating air pollution from sulfur dioxides … Continue reading Wind energy expansion and birds of prey
  15. Galicia has 4,700 megawatts of wind power prepared for exploitation, an amount that could cover 70 percent of the current electricity demand in the Community. According to the Galician Wind Energy Association (EGA), the energy generated by the wind turbines is 3,614 megawatts of power. However, the data of the Spanish Electricity Network (REE) ensures … Continue reading Galicia has 4,700 megawatts of wind power